West – Seko Composting

The Seko Eco Green series of bio chopper mixers are designed for shredding and mixing waste to make compost. This is achieved by the fibre dissecting action and laceration of two slow moving contra rotating augers with convergent windings, fitted with blades and counter blades. It is important that this process avoids just producing chips and sawdust as the fibrous woody element provides a correct porosity important for water evaporation and volume reduction in the composting process. The excellent blending achieved of the different waste materials creates and end product ideal for composting.

The trailed standard versions of the Sam 5 Bio-Chopper Mixers are in capacities of 5, 9, 13, 15, 17 and 20 cubic metres with tractor PTO requirements from 40 to 250 HP. This provides mixing - chopping capacities from about 3600kg per hour to over 14000kg per hour. An extra heavy duty version Bio-Chopper Mixer is available in 30 cubic metre capacity require a PTO input of 250HP.

Static and Self Propelled Models Available

Please contact us for further details. Composting turning and self propelled machines (wagons) are available.