Rapid Tractors

We are the Somerset Distributor of Rapid hydrostatic-drive two wheel tractors and associated attachments. Please take a look around below to find out more about the range of products.

Tractor Features

All the hydrostatic drive tractors can be fitted with various options to equip them to perform your individual tasks. There are many wheel and tyre options which include semi floatation, large balloon floatation, turf type along with dual and treble wheel combinations and cage wheels for bank work. Hourmeters are included on the engines so that service schedules can be maintained. All models feature a transmission free wheeling device which enables the operator to move the tractor by hand if the don't wish to start the engine, very useful inside tight sheds or for positioning on trailers. Certain models have the option of electric starters instead of the usual pull start. The ability to work on steep ground is a Rapid speciality. Fitted with the correct wheel equipment, the Rapid hydrostatic drive tractor is safe to operate on the steepest of gradients giving the operator confidence to perform their task. Standard anti vibration damping gives all models excellent low vibration characteristics. Figures can be supplied.

Rapid Mondo

9 hp petrol

The Mondo is the smallest and most compact tractor in the range. It is in fact, the smallest hydrostatic driven tractor in the world! It features a 9hp petrol engine, hydrostatic transmission and a totally independent PTO system. A tool free quick attach change system allows for many different attachments. The Mondo has no awkward transmission clutches or difficult gears to find but just the familiar Rapid twist grip control giving progressive forward and reverse travel. The handlebars are easily adjusted to suit the operator's height keeping the machine comfortable to use.

This versatile tractor is suitable for use where space is limited, maybe accessing gardens for landscapers or smallholders through to large open spaces where a light weight tractor is required in wet lands such as reed beds. When used with the correct wheel type, such as dual or cage wheels, then the Mondo can be used on steep ground for operations such a grass cutting or alternatively with the single wheels set narrow, it's ideal for jobs such as rotavating. It's able to perform all these tasks thanks to its ability to work in two directions. The handlebars simply rotate, allowing the drive wheels to be either behind the attachment for jobs such as mowing or in front of the attachment for cultivation jobs. Whichever way the handlebars are, the controls remain the same making the Mondo a safe and easy tractor to operate.

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Rapid Swiss

9 hp petrol - Specialist Bank Tractor

This is produced by Rapid as a specialist bank tractor. It is the lightest walk behind tractor with active steering on the market. It is equipped with a 9 hp petrol engine to give optimum performance on steep gradients. It features hydrostatic drive and handlebar controlled steering by means of two independent wheel motors. It is specially designed to work on very steep slopes and can be fitted with various wheel options including steel sprocket wheels for the severest of conditions. It features an independent PTO system to keep the attachment drive constant regardless of forward speed and, of course, the Rapid twist grip hydrostatic transmission control.

The Swiss is a single direction tractor which is usually equipped with either a cutterbar or flail mower which can be changed swiftly by the tool free quick attach system.

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Rapid Universo

13 hp petrol or 10.5hp Diesel

As the name suggests, this is our true all rounder. 13hp petrol or 10.5hp diesel engine, hydrostatic drive, active steering, two directional working, this is a professional machine for the professional operator. It features a two speed independent PTO giving speeds of 700rpm or 1000rpm so that you can match the attachments perfectly. It has the standard quick attach system and the Rapid twist grip transmission control. Steering is controlled by levers mounted underneath each side of the handlebars. As a two directional tractor, the handlebars turn through 230 degrees and are able to lock in an offset position. Rapid use their patented system called 'Wendermatic' to perform this which keeps the forward and reverse as well as the right and left hand steering controls the same, wherever the position of the handlebars. Obviously, this makes the machine much easier to use for the operator. The Universo has the ability to perform in all areas whether it be rotavating or stone burying, grass cutting and flailing or haymaking with the mini round baler, this tractor is on top of its job. All this with the capability of performing each task on steep slopes if required.

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Rapid Euro

20 hp petrol or 10.5 hp Diesel

The Rapid Euro is the most powerful of our range. It can be specified with either a 20hp twin cylinder petrol engine or with a 10.5hp diesel. It is a single direction tractor with hydrostatic drive. This is operated by the Rapid Twist grip control and steering is controlled by levers underneath the handlebars for left and right turns. An independent PTO system is standard giving two speeds of either 630rpm or 1000rpm and attachments are added or removed by the Rapid tool free quick attach system. As a single direction tractor, the Rapid Euro is suitable for jobs such as grass cutting, baling, or powering a woodchipper.

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A popular attachment for grass cutting where the grass is going to be used for forage feeds by means of round baling. Also used for cutting rough grass, brambles and material such as bracken or heather. We would normally only supply a double cut cutterbar as this gives better cutting ability and reduces the vibration levels from the cutting action. Standard sizes available from 97cm upto 216cm. Wider cutterbars available by request.

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Flail Mowers

Closed hood flail mower featuring large diameter rotors with swinging back to back type flails are our most popular. These all feature an adjustable roller to maintain even cutting height, multi vee belt drive and a safety over run clutch.

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Safety Mulcher

This consists of a very high speed, helical type rotor with fixed blades mounted to it. All the material is placed back down on the ground without being thrown out from the machine. This is especially useful when working in a sensitive area such as near to highways or where you will be near to the public. Widths available from 70cms up to 120cms

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Eco Mulcher

Available in either single or twin bladed versions with a working width from 80cms up to 122cms

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Drum Mower

Two cylindrical mowing drums fitted with two blades per drum is ideal for grass mowing where the grass will be used for forage feeds. May also be used for rough grass cutting. Suitable for the Rapid Universo and Rapid Euro.

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Hay Rake

This is a side sweeping band rake used for the rowing up of grass material and leaving a swath suitable for the mini round baler. Sizes available are from 150cms up to 220cm. Most popular size is the 180cms.

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Mini Round Baler

Producing a bale of 500cm x 500cm and a weight of around 20kgs, the mini round baler is a compact version of the full size agricultural machines. Suitable for baling a wide range of material from hay and haylage through to bracken and heather.

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Bale Wrapper

Used to seal the round bale for producing haylage or silage.

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Available in two widths, 70cms to suit the Mondo or 90cms to suit the Universo/Euro. Featuring an adjustable hood which can be opened to give full access to the reversible rotor.

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Power Harrow

The power harrows come complete with an adjustable net roller used to control the working depth. They are available in 75cm width for the Mondo and in 100cm width for the Universo/Euro.

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Available in 100cm working width and is suitable for the Universo and Euro models. It comes complete with a net roller for depth control.

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Snow Blower

Available in three versions, for soft, semi hard and hard packed snow. Working widths are 70cm, 80cm and 100cm. Fully adjustable delivery spout and replaceable wear plates.

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Disc Mower

Working width of 130cm. Six disc c/w three blades. Height adjustable

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Leaf Vacuum

70cm and 100cm working width. Suitable for both dry and wet leaves. Collection is into a large collection bag

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Wood Chipper

Drum type chipper c/w two full width blades. Adjustable chute. 80cm capacity.

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