Kilworth Machinery

Kilworth supply a complete range of machinery suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture, grounds maintenance and construction.

All Terrain Tractors

The BCS All Terrain Tractors are available in 3 chassis sizes, the Victor, the Valiant and the Volcan. Each chassis is divided further into front axle steering models (RS) and articulated steering models (AR). There is also a choice of engines within each chassis size.


The Valiant is the mid range All Terrain Tractor. The easily reversed driving position makes the Valiant ideal for landscaping and grounds maintenance as it can be used in the conventional forward facing mode for cultivation work but then switched to reverse mode for mowing work. Kilworth supply several machines which can be used in the reverse drive mode, including flail and rotary mowers. The modern design of the Valiant transmission and axle assembly allows a robust tractor in a compact size.

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The Volcan is the largest All Terrain Tractor within the BCS range. It has the reverse drive system as standard and is available with a choice of 3 engines up to 92HP. Although engine power is high, the tractor remains compact and weighs only approximately 2150kg with the optional cab. It is suitable for a range of tasks from estate maintenance and forestry through to contract mowing on roadside verges and embankments.

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Mowing Tractors

BCS produce a range of Mowing Tractors suitable for a wide range of grounds maintenance. All the mowers are built to withstand heavy commercial use but they are, of couse, also suitable for private users on larger areas. BCS mowers are built with simplicity and reliability in mind. There are two wheel drive versions available with or without collection and a four wheel drive model without collection.

Matra Mowing Tractor 103/205

The BCS Matra 103 and 205 models are designed specifically for the cutting and collection of grass. THe 103 and 205 are essentially the same machine but the 205 benefits from a high tip collection hopper. The front mounted rotary deck has 2 cutting rotors which are fitted with swinging blades specially designed to power the cut grass into a secondary fan which then blows the grass into the collection hopper. Due to the short distance from the cutting deck to the fan, the collection system is very efficient even in damp conditions.

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Matra Mowing Tractor 300 Series

The Matra 300 is a professional out front commercial mower designed for heavy use by mowing contractors and councils. It is available with a choice of rotary and flail mowing decks and is fitted with a proven Yanmar diesel engine with high capacity cooling system.. The Muster mulching flail has been designed specially for the Matra 300 and has a unique patented twin rotor system.

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Two Wheel Tractors

Kilworth are the sole UK importers of the Ferrari range of Two Wheeled Tractors manufactured in Italy by BCS-Ferrari. All Ferrari machines are designed and constructed for heavy use by contractors but are simple to operate and so are also suitable for inexperienced private users.

The Ferrari machines are divided into 2 categories, Two Wheeled Tractors and Motor Mowers. The Two Wheeled tractors feature reversible handlebars so that they can be used with "front" and "rear" mounted attachments. The Motor mowers are designed to operate only "front" mounted attachments such as cutter bar, flail and rotary mower.

Ferrari 310

The 310 is the smallest machine in the Ferrari range. It has a basic specification but is engineered to the same.

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Ferrari 320

The 320 is a simple, basic machine like the 310 but has the benefit of extra gears and a larger engine. The 320 has no differential so both wheels are permanently locked together. This model is the ideal choice for users who require a well specified machine at an economical price. standards as the more sophisticated machines. It is particularly suitable for hire shops and small scale vegetable growers.

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Ferrari 330

The Ferrari 330 has the same transmission as the 320 but has the benefit of a differential in the axle. This means that the 2 wheels are not locked together so the machine is easier to manoeuver. Should maximum traction be required, for example when ploughing, the differential can be locked using a ever on the handlebars.

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Ferrari 340

The 340 is the largest in the Ferrari 300 series range. It has ample gears so the correct speed can always be found for the job. A reinforced transmission allows fitting of a wide range of heavy duty attachments, making the 340 a true multi-purpose power unit. The 340 is ideal for landscaping and ground care contractors.

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Mowing Machinery

Sovema TE Topper

The TE Topper is a single bladed rotary mower designed for maintenance of paddocks and rougher grass areas which are not mown on a regular basis. It is a simple low maintenance machine as there are no drive belts to tension or rotor hubs to grease.

Suire SG Topper

The SG topper is a heavy duty rotary topper designed for the maintenance of paddocks and rough grass areas. It is a low
maintenance machine as there are no belts to tension or hubs to grease.

EM2 Rotary Finishing Mower

A three bladed rotary mower for use where a high quality finish is required.

Dragone L Series Flail Mower

A professional Flail Mower designed for use with Compact Tractors. The unique design of the knives leaves a quality finish equivalent to a rotary mower but also allows the machine to be used in rough grass and scrubland areas. Hydraulic side shift is a popular option as it allows operation close up to hedgerows and ditches.

Dragone MTL Flail Mower

The Dragone MTL Flail Mower is a professional machine designed for constant commercial use. It is built to the same engineering standards as the heavy duty V series but is lighter for smaller tractors.

Dragone V Series Flail Mower

The Dragone V series Flail Mowers are designed for cutting grass and heavy scrub land by demanding professional users such as local authorities and contractors. Large diameter rotors and heavy duty build of the frame and transmission give top results in the worst of operating conditions.

Sovema FM Flail Mower

The Sovema FM Flail mowers are a robust general purpose flail mower with the advantage of an opening rear cover.

Sovema TRIS Flail/Scarifier with collection

The Sovema TRIS is a Flail Mower with integral collection hopper suitable for use on playing fields, sports pitches, golf courses and green areas around housing estates and industrial units.

BS Side Arm Flail

The BS Side Arm Flail Mowers are designed for commercial use by contractors for verge mowing and hedge cutting but are also suitable for private estate maintenance.

Cultivation Machinery

RotoBurier Stone Burier

The RotoBurier is designed for use as a finishing machine on any area where a fine and level seedbed is required. For example, creating green areas around new housing/industrial developments and constructing golf courses and playing fields.The RotoBurier has
been on the market for over 15 years and is well proven to stand up to hard use by commercial users.

RotoHarrow MTZ

The MTZ Rotary Harrow is designed to create a fine level seedbed whilst working at shallower depths. It will produce a tilth whilst working only 25mm deep if required. It is engineered for use by contractors, local authorities and other commercial users.

Sovema RB2/RP2/RBS2 Rotary Cultivators

The Sovema RB/RP Rotary Cultivators are of proven design which has been sold in the UK for over 25 years. They are suitable for commercial use by landscape contractors and growers.

Cultivation Machinery

Cultivation Machinery

Negri Bio Shredders

Negri bio shredders have been designed with the demands of commercial use in mind. As shredding is by means of a drum rotor fitted with knives and hammer flails, this type of machine is less susceptable to damage than a conventional chipper. It is, therefore, ideally suited to landscape gardeners and grounds maintance contractors who have a requirement to reduce brash and prunings left over from tree and hedgerow maintenance.

ST Sweeper

The ST Powered Sweeper is designed to sweep and collect grass, leaves, litter and horse manure behind a compact or small tractor up to 50HP. When sweeping on grass areas such as paddocks it has the added advantage of lightly scarifying the turf.

GRE Backhoe

The GRE backhoe is mounted on to the tractor by the 3 point linkage. It does not have bolt on fixing brackets as with some types of backhoe. This enables the backhoe to be removed from the tractor quickly and easily so freeing the tractor for work with other implements.

T40 Post Hole Borer

The T40 Post Hole Borer is designed for tractors up to 40HP with catagory 1 three point linkage. It is suitable for use by fencing contractors, farmers and land owners for boring holes for fence posts or tree planting.

IRIS Electric Log Splitter

The IRIS Log Splitter is a top quality machine designed for splitting logs to supply wood burners and open fires. It is suitable for for anyone who wishes to produce their own logs in high volumes but do not have access to a tractor.