Other Manufacturers


Albutt is a wholly owned family business, manufacturing equipment for the agricultural, construction and waste handling industries throughout Europe. They specialise in the design, development and manufacture of attachments for materials handling. There company policy is to offer our customers cost effective solutions to their materials handling problems. There roots are in the Agricultural Industry with four generations of the Albutt family involved in farming over a period of 100 years. The company was founded by Robert Albutt over 39 years ago. Employing the latest design and manufacturing technology to produce quality equipment to meet today's market needs.
  • Buckets
  • Grass forks & Buckrackes
  • Manure & Silage forks and Grabs
  • Rotor and Auger Grabs
  • Bale Handling Attachements
  • Work Platforms
  • Pallet Forks
  • Carriages and Lifting attachements


The large families of Berthoud sprayers provide the best suitable solution for all types of farming operations in terms of surface area, crops and particularly everyone's management requirements. Mounted, trailed or self-propelled, Berthoud know that spraying quality has a direct influence on the quality of the harvest, thus making it a veritable management tool.

  • Mounted Sprayers
  • Trailed Sprayers
  • Self Propelled
  • Orchard Sprays


Attachments for material handling and movement
Browns of leighton Buzzard have been manufacturing agricultal equipment since 1830. For well over one a half centuries farmers, not only throughout the UK, but in many overseas coutries as well have learned that equipment carry the name 'Browns of Leighton Buzzard' is synoymous with good, long lasting quality at a fair price. Today, Browns still wholly owned by the family which started business in the early 19th century, offer ever developing ranages of machinery for the lastest modem farming methods. The firm, now run by the fifth consecutive generation, offer the quality of personal service to both the smaller farmer and largest holdings alike only a private company can hope to achieve, backed by a large comprehensive spares stock - holding.

  • Bale Handling
  • Grassland Equipment
  • Flail Toppers
  • Cultivation Equipment
  • Subsoilers & Moledrainers
  • Timber Recovery Equipment
  • Muck Scrapers
  • Post Drivers
  • Weight Boxes


Attachments for material handling and movement
Cherry Products have been agricultural materials handling equipment manufacturers for over 20 years and have gained the reputation of being the market leader in this specialised industry. Cherry Products was established in 1980 with the sole aim that remains today of producing the highest quality materials handling equipment on the market at the right price. As a totally British company there consistant success has been maintained due to unrivalled personal service and ability to keep pace with the constantly changing requirements and developments in agriculture and its allied industries. Cherry Products has, through this philosophy become a major force in this market place and continues to strive for further excellence in service and build quality with its existing range of products.Quality Design is our trade mark, centred on catering for farmers needs. At Cherry Products they do not build down to a price, but commit themselves to keep the design simple and over engineer the products for longer life and less down time, for ultimate benefit to our customers.

  • Bale Handling
  • Digging
  • Grain Pushers
  • Multi Purpose Buckets
  • Potatoe/Low Profile Buckets
  • Trailers
  • Bale Clamps
  • Grain Buckets
  • Manure Silage Forks
  • Pallet Handling


Material Loading
In the last three decades MX has become the specialist in agricultural handling for tractors from 15 hp to 230 hp. Their wealth of experience, quality of products and prominent position in several export markets, makes them an essential partner in agricultural handling. Over the years, with a sustained financial and political programme, investment into new research methods created an environment in which MX could expand its development processes into a rigorous technique, which is used on a regular basis today. A wide experience of the agricultural market has allowed Mailleux to develop loaders, which answer every requirement of the farmer, by ensuring a perfect match between loader specification to any power of tractor.

  • MX Technic Loader
  • MX Front Linkages
  • Manubal

Hackett Harrows

William Hackett Chains Ltd have been based in the West Midlands of England since 1892, manufacturing steel links chains, agricultural implements and forgings.

  • Chain & Spike Harrow
  • Concord Harrow
  • Heavy Grass Harrow
  • Junior Harrow
  • Mini and Medium Harrows
  • Ranger Harrow
  • Vulcan Harrow


Attachments for material handling
Wide range of buckets, forks, grabs, pallet forks etc. For Tractor loaders, Telehandlers and skid steers.

  • Buckets
  • Forks
  • Grabs
  • Shear Grabs
  • Pallet Forks
  • Wrapped Bale Lifter
  • Wrapped Bale Grab
  • Front Mounted Bale Spike
  • Work Platform
  • Front Mounted Bale Spike
  • Round Bale Stacker
  • Slasher Toppers

Standen Pearson

Standen Engineering Ltd is a British manufacturing company located in East Anglia which specialises in the design, development and engineering of field machinery primarily for potato growers, but also for growers of a wide range of other root crops. Recently Standen has acquired the potato machinery business of Richard Pearson Ltd, thereby adding the Pearson product range to the Standen range. Three years ago Standen also acquired the Dowdeswell product range of powered soil cultivation machinery and Bedformers. The company also includes the business of Standen-Reflex, which specialises in the importation of a range of products for sugar beet growers, pea, onion and carrot growers.

  • Potato Harvesters
  • Potato Planters
  • Toppers
  • Bedformers
  • Powavators
  • Power Harrows
  • Bedvators
  • Weeder


Teagle Machinery Ltd. was formed in 1944 and was initially based around a family farm. It has grown steadily over the years from a company selling early post war equipment to West of England farmers, into a modern, professional organisation, but still a family business, which sells machines to the whole of the UK and exports to virtually all major countries of the world.Teagle produces a range of machinery which is very much orientated around livestock farmers needs, with specific items also being suitable for arable applications. Groundcare, amenity and various fruit growing operations are becoming increasingly important additional markets which take advantage of the existing technology and the durability of livestock based machines. The company places great emphasis upon product quality, value for money and customer care. Parts suppliers, dealers, distributors and end users are all regarded as business partners who must benefit from being associated with Teagle. Teagle has a policy of investing in the future, both by way of product development and manufacturing resources. State of the art technology is used throughout the company. Much emphasis is placed on design and development, where CAD forms the backbone of the system. Up to date CNC machine tooling is used throughout the factory to ensure that consistent, high quality products reach the market place.

  • Straw Shredders and Silage feeders
  • Feriliser Spreaders
  • Finishing Mowers and Roller Mowers
  • Toppers
  • Flail Mowers & Mulchers
  • High Speed Swath Conditioners
  • Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders
  • Compost Aerators
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Quick-Hitch 'A' Frames
  • Hydraulic Top Links


Vegetable handling specialists
Over the past 50 years Tong Engineering has built a reputation for quality, reliability and innovative design in the development of potato and vegetable handling machinery and systems. Products such as the Caretaker have become standard machinery for many grading lines. In recent years the company has led the development of improved box handling and filling systems, and now the use of stainless steel to achieve new levels of hygiene in vegetable handling and packing.